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Since 2009, we've made a new truffle and caramel every week. Only our secret chocolate club insiders got to try them, stealthily visiting weekly farmers markets and, since 2012, our shop, to pick up the latest and greatest in sweets. Now, those exclusive weekly flavors are available to all!

We've put together a gorgeous, box including each weekly flavor, and our monthly seasonal flavors. It's our largest box of treats by far! Each month you'll get 7-8 limited-edition truffle flavors, 5 caramel flavors, and our monthly marshmallow. You can get just one box, subscribe for one season (3 boxes), or sign up for an entire glorious year (12 boxes) subscription. Each box will contain:

  • 14+ truffles (2 each of 7-8 flavors)
  • 15+ caramels (3 each of 5-6 flavors)
  • Pillowy marshmallows (our 8-10 pc bag)

Shipping Details: Shipping to the continental United States is included in the price, however from June-September, shipments to addresses outside of the Chicago area will be shipped overnight, and charged appropriately. We will also include a sheet describing each treat and offering tasting notes, and our confectionista will sign each box.

Purchase Subscription:

$1188 ($99 per month for 12 months)



  • 7/1: Strawberry Earl Grey
  • 7/8: Pink Peppercorn + Pineapple + Salted Caramel
  • 7/15: Fig Balsamic
  • 7/22: Cherry Goat Cheese
  • 7/29: Cilantro Lime Sweet Corn
  • Monthly: Peanut Butter Banana
  • Monthly: Apricot Basil
  • Monthly: Raspberry St. Germain


  • 7/1: Chocolate Mint
  • 7/8: Earl Grey Tea
  • 7/15: Orange Thyme
  • 7/22: Brown Sugar + Ginger + Lime
  • 7/29: Banana Malt
  • Monthly: Strawberry Balsamic


  • Monthly: Shandy (beer & lemonade)