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    Mother's Day
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    Preview Party
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Mother's Day
Saturday, May 10 at 11:00am,$65.00
2745 W. Armitage

Mothers are never wrong. We all learned this growing up, alongside learning to eat your vegetables. Treat Mom right, (and thank her for putting up with you all these years) with our high tea-themed truffle-making party. We'll elegantly crook our chocolatey fingers while sipping mimosas, nibbling on scones with house-made butter, and enjoying rustic tea sandwiches.

You'll create classic hand-rolled truffles with the confectionista's guidance. We'll group you with other like-minded chocolate lovers, and each one of the 3-4 groups will create a recipe completely from scratch. No stress - we'll make it fun and delicious! You'll create, measure, chill, scoop, and roll truffles to completion. Everyone will leave with a sampling of the truffles created that day (approximately 10.)

Please wear close-toed shoes and pull your hair back (if possible) as we are a working kitchen. You will enjoy our company for 2.5-3 hours.

Number of Attendees: