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Our focus on local and organic ingredients creates the most tasty truffles. The "twist on traditional" confections are silky-smooth on the inside, with a thin crunchy chocolate shell on the outside. They are hand-dipped for an elegant, yet handmade look. We'll include a mix of our classic and seasonal flavors, to keep you excited. Our beautiful fair-trade boxes make a fun and eco-friendly gift, or a special treat for yourself.
Have we mentioned we have a love affair with FEW Spirits bourbon whiskey? We just can't imagine life without it. We can, however, imagine it paired with pecan pralines and bittersweet chocolate. The intensity of the deeply roasted pecans and bourbon pair nicely with the sweeter praline and bittersweet chocolate. Available until April 30.
We all know that Michigan cherries are some of the best around, and Seedling Farms cherries are amazing even by that gold standard. We use the juice from summer cherries, frozen and doled out sparingly, to make this lovely truffle. The fruity cherries pair perfectly with bittersweet chocolate and the loose-leaf earl grey tea from Chicago's SenTeaMental Moods. Available until April 30.
The best key lime pies are always made with an excellent graham crust and freshly squeezed key limes. Our truffle represents! We get tiny, juicy, awesome key limes and zest/squeeze them by hand (one batch takes 20 limes!) Then we blend in white chocolate and a pinch of sea salt. We get homemade graham crackers from Beurrage Bakery, in the Pilsen neighborhood, and make a streusel that adds just the right amount of crunch. Available 'til April 30.
Our favorite Kilgus cream is infused with Ipsento's coffee (roasted only 4 blocks away!) and mixed with bittersweet chocolate. A dash of vanilla and a whole coffee bean garnish result in a super intense, powerful Java truffle reminiscent of the best mocha you've ever had. Great for late-night plots, studying for a final, or baby sleep training.
Tart Michigan cherries from Seedling Farms are blended with a touch of Disaronno Amaretto and white chocolate. The sour cherries help tame the sweet chocolate, and the amaretto, while not hefty enough to cause dancing on tables, will for sure put everyone in a good mood.
Dark rum and freshly toasted coconut are mixed with 65% c acao bittersweet chocolate to create the perfect winter truffle. Cherry and raisin notes of our rum as well as the subtle flavor and texture of toasted coconut make this truffle rich and complex. And can we say that this is the perfect truffle "for the guys?"
Oil of peppermint and Crème de Menthe liqueur are combined with milk and semisweet chocolate for an intense minty flavor and aroma. A thin shell of bittersweet chocolate contrasts the smooth, silky inside. One of our more classic truffles.
Lemon, orange, lime, and lemongrass essential oils are mixed with 58 % cacao semisweet chocolate for a refreshing, summery truffle. A garnish of homemade candied orange peel makes this perfect for summer sweets tables. Our most popular truffle to pair with champagne.
Milk and semisweet chocolates are blended with freshly toasted ground hazelnuts and hazelnut paste. White pepper adds a subtle kick, and a flourish of hand-chopped hazelnuts adorn the milk chocolate shell. Pair this with a locally brewed porter, or rock it out by itself.