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Local Illinois wildflower honey, organic agave nectar, and real vanilla create a floral flavor and extra-soft texture for our caramels. Organic sugar, Illinois extra-rich cream, and a dash of sea salt make these caramels buttery and silky-soft without being too sugary-sweet. We hand cut and wrap each piece in old-fashioned taffy wrap. All sizes come in our beautiful fair-trade eco-friendly packaging.
We love bacon, bourbon, and caramel, so it just made sense to feature all 3 of them together in one delicious confection. We use FEW Spirits bourbon whiskey, smokey local bacon, and our classic honey caramel. Perfect for lovers of all things bacon. Seasonal.
We made this once for a special occasion, and it's been in the back of our mind ever since. We infuse fruity, luscious Pinot Noir into our classic honey caramel, then sprinkle on toasted pine nuts. Seasonal.
Organic sugar and extra-rich Illinois cream are blended with local wildflower honey and organic agave - NO corn syrup - for our silky-smooth caramel. A dash of sea salt and real vanilla makes them irresistibly delicious.
Deeply roasted walnuts and intense Guittard chocolate are added to our classic caramel. The complex flavors of roasted nuts and honeyed chocolate caramel make this Katherine's personal favorite caramel.
For those who might be doubtful about the wonders of mixing salty and sweet flavors, or who have backed off from treats that employ herbs more commonly used in cooking the main course instead of the dessert, our rosemary sea salt caramels are the perfect introduction. It will open a whole new world of flavor combinations.
Our soft honey vanilla caramel is wrapped in 72% cacao bittersweet chocolate and sprinkled with french sea salt "flower of salt." Soft, floral, sweet and salty all in one, this is one of our best sellers. Each gift box contains at least 14 pieces.