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Our fudgy chocolate caramel is enhanced with deeply roasted hazelnuts and a hint of sea salt. Seasonal.
Our classic honey caramel is infused with cinnamon and roasted cacao nibs. Honestly, we didn't expect it to wow us THIS much - at this point, let's just say you're lucky we have self restraint so you can still buy a box. Intense cacao nibs are the perfect contrast to fragrant cinnamon and soft, sweet caramel. Seasonal.
Our gingerbread marshmallow has a spicy ginger kick, plus molasses and all the winter spices. (and it's gluten free, like all of our 'mallows) Seasonal.
Our fluffy artisan marshmallow made with a (very) generous splash of bubbly champagne. Organic sugar and local wildflower honey - NO corn syrup - makes this the perfect gift for the food-lover in your life, and a sprinkle of organic rose petals adds panache. Seasonal.
Peanut butter and chocolate is such a classic pairing. We make our truffle with a silky white chocolate peanut butter ganache, dipped in milk chocolate with a roasted peanut garnish. Seasonal.
Bananas Foster is one of our confectionista's favorite desserts, so it had to make an appearance in truffle form. We sautee bananas in brown sugar and butter, deglaze with rum, then blend in cinnamon, cardamom, and milk/semisweet chocolate. Seasonal.
Bittersweet chocolate and Seedling Farms cherries make a delicious, fruity truffle; cayenne, habanero, and cinnamon add a spicy touch. Dipped in bittersweet chocolate with a dried tart cherry (from Michigan, of course) on top. Seasonal.