Private Events

Truffle-making parties

Truffle-making parties are a popular choice for company team-building and private parties alike. We have been teaching people to make truffles for 10 years, and we have been excited to bring the experience right into people's homes and offices! We are currently offering virtual or in-person sessions, with our shop available to host for groups with under 20 attendees. On or off-site, our confectionista will share a bit about her experience and the history of our company, and then we'll dive right into tasting chocolate and making truffles!

The virtual class typically runs about 90 minutes (2 - 2.5 hours for in-person) and is laid out as follows:

  • Introductions
  • Basics of truffle-making; ingredient sourcing (10 min)
  • Making ganache (30 mins OR 60-90 minutes for in-person events)
  • Chilling the ganache (30 mins) - chatting, q&a, troubleshooting tips, etc...
  • Scooping & rolling truffles (30 min)

We offer our classes, instruction only (you provide the ingredients), for $40 per person with a 10-person minimum. (Contact us about pricing for groups larger than 25). For these virtual sessions, we are happy to share a simple truffle recipe with participants so that they'll be able to source their own ingredients.

Our classes also come in a full-service format, with our truffle-making kits shipped directly to each participant in one of 3 signature recipes (check out our Truffle Making Kits here!). These classes are $99 / person inclusive of facilitation and shipping.

In-person events are typically $70 / person with a 10 person minimum.

Chocolate tasting

For those looking to learn about chocolate in a shorter session, we have developed a chocolate and truffle tasting class! Our virtual class is a 60-minute session available for $70, inclusive of facilitation by Katherine Anne, and chocolate tasting boxes shipped to each participant. In-person classes are $40 / person, and available either at our cafe & workshop or at your location.

We include samples of dark, milk, and white chocolate, and also a bit of unprocessed cacao. As we taste each item, everyone gets to learn a bit about the chocolate-making process and what goes into each different type of chocolate. Then, we have an assortment of 4 chocolate truffles to taste, each involving different flavor pairings with the chocolate.

Please contact us for a quote for an in-person class, or to simply purchase tasting boxes without instruction.

Wine/beer/whiskey pairing

We love to help clients pair chocolate with their alcohol tasting or other experience! Pairing consultation is available, and we can also design customized truffles just for you. Please email hello@katherine-anne for more info!