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Introducing truffle ganaches! We've taken our popular round truffle recipes and made them square and bite-sized. This method allows for an extra-silky ganache with the same focus on awesome ingredients such as Illinois Jersey cream, Illinois wildflower honey, and locally distilled spirits.

Our focus on local and organic ingredients creates the most tasty truffles. "Twist on traditional" confections are silky-smooth on the inside, with a thin crunchy chocolate shell on the outside. They are hand-dipped for an elegant, handmade presentation. We'll include a mix of our classic and seasonal, limited-edition truffles.

We created this delicious truffle in collaboration with our friends at FIG Catering, and we're absolutely in love. We simmer black mission figs, raisins, brandy, and lemon/orange/cinnamon. Then we mix in milk and semisweet chocolate along with biscoff (ground spice cookies) and a hefty dose of sea salt. Seasonal.

We've neglected this classic for too long. No more shall we stand idly by while rocky road fans everywhere are disappointed, and our delicious marshmallow scraps get waist-ed (get it? haaaha.) We swirl together a milk and bittersweet chocolate ganache with roasted almonds and mini vanilla black pepper marshmallows. You don't have to resist. Seasonal.

7 layer bars, or magic bars / dream bars, were a staple of many perfect afternoons when growing up in the Midwest. We've created our take on that childhood treat with a blend of our milk & semisweet chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, graham streusel, and toasted coconut with a hint of cayenne. Lots of nutty, toasty goodness for your enjoyment. Seasonal.

Tart cherries from Michigan, FEW bourbon (distilled in Evanston), and a touch of bitters mixed with bittersweet chocolate creates the perfect Manhattan cocktail in truffle form.

Goat cheese and chocolate together are delicious. You might think we're crazy, but think about it for a second. We've all had goat cheese with a touch of something sweet, like honey, apricots, or pears. We took that classic pairing and added chocolate and crunchy candied walnuts. One of our best sellers.

White chocolate with fresh squeezed lemon juice / zest + and a hefty dose of poppyseeds. We fell in love with this truffle simply because it tastes like the best lemon poppyseed cookie batter.

58% cacao chocolate and pomegranate juice are jazzed up with a splash of Pama liquor. This sweet-tart truffle has red fruit notes that pair perfectly with the dark chocolate (and red wine, if we do say so ourselves.)

Chocolate, caramel, and coffee. What could go wrong? Milk and semisweet chocolate are the perfect base for our soft honey caramel. Cream infused with locally roasted coffee from Ipsento is blended in to the ganache, then the truffle is dipped in milk chocolate.

Tangy passionfruit and zesty fresh ginger are perfect to temper the sweetness of white chocolate. A garnish of pink peppercorn adds some extra zip. This truffle is fruity, tart, sweet, and spicy all at once: it's a party in your mouth!

Michigan raspberries are blended with semisweet chocolate, a hefty dose of bubbly, and a touch of rose water for a lovely, fruity ganache. Organic Wisconsin sunflower oil makes this truffle naturally vegan.

Our favorite Kilgus cream is infused with Ipsento's coffee (roasted only 4 blocks away!) and mixed with bittersweet chocolate. A dash of vanilla and a whole coffee bean garnish result in a super intense, powerful Java truffle reminiscent of the best mocha you've ever had. Great for late-night plots, studying for a final, or baby sleep training.

Dark rum and freshly toasted coconut are mixed with 65% c acao bittersweet chocolate to create the perfect winter truffle. Cherry and raisin notes of our rum as well as the subtle flavor and texture of toasted coconut make this truffle rich and complex. And can we say that this is the perfect truffle "for the guys?"

Oil of peppermint and Crème de Menthe liqueur are combined with milk and semisweet chocolate for an intense minty flavor and aroma. A thin shell of bittersweet chocolate contrasts the smooth, silky inside. One of our more classic truffles.

Lemon, orange, lime, and lemongrass essential oils are mixed with 58 % cacao semisweet chocolate for a refreshing, summery truffle. A garnish of homemade candied orange peel makes this perfect for summer sweets tables. Our most popular truffle to pair with champagne.

Milk and semisweet chocolates are blended with freshly toasted ground hazelnuts and hazelnut paste. White pepper adds a subtle kick, and a flourish of hand-chopped hazelnuts adorn the milk chocolate shell. Pair this with a locally brewed porter, or rock it out by itself.