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Mother's Day calls for a really special gift. We tend to turn to chocolate for such occasions (is anyone surprised?). We created a delicious collection for May 2021, incorporating some of our favorite things. We started off with one of our most recent smash hits, the caramel-filled lego square (hey, parents like legos too!) Then, we piped a nutty & tart hazelnut lemon ganache atop a roasted hazelnut in a milk chocolate rose. We have two enrobed truffle ganaches, both with two unique layers: one with a white chocolate mango ganache and a bittersweet black tea ganache, and lastly one with a house made pecan praline and feuilletine layered with brown butter ganache. We're sending love and hugs to mothers everywhere!

Each package will include a limited-edition selection of our artisan sweets. You will find:

  • 3x Hazelnut Lemon: milk chocolate lemon ganache + rose water + deep roasted hazelnut + milk chocolate
  • 3x Mango Black Tea: white chocolate mango ganache + bittersweet chocolate black tea ganache
  • 3x Brown Butter Pecan Crunch: brown butter milk chocolate ganache + pecan praline + crushed ice cream cone
  • 3x Caramel Lego: milk chocolate + gooey vanilla caramel

Mother's Day chocolates at $31.00