Chocolate, Cheese and Beer with Pastoral Artisan and 3 Sheeps Brewing
Saturday, August 11 at 6:00pm,$40.00
2745 W. Armitage

We're gearing up for the most anticipated confection launch of our year: cheese month. You heard that right. We're pairing cheese and chocolate together. It's wild, crazy, and delicious. Since 2014, we've devoted an entire month to cheese-infused sweets, focusing on Midwestern cheeses and exciting pairings that work well together and create new experiences. For the first time ever, we're creating an event devoted just to showcasing those sweets. You can try all of our favorites in one fell swoop.

CHEESE: Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread, and Wine is our go-to for any cheese related experience. In addition to carrying some of the finest truffles in the city (ahem), they have become Chicago's foremost experts on cheese since opening their first location in 2004. In addition to offering 100s of types of cheese, they bring never-before-tasted cheese (and now 4 locations) to our fair city. They are pairing 4 savory bites and a grand cheese tray with our event.

BEER: We recently had the pleasure to design truffles to pair with 3 Sheeps Brewing collaboration beer (available at Sleeping Village), and we are excited to work with them again as they pair beer with truffles and cheese. Based in Sheboygan WI, 3 Sheeps focuses on "Heart and Science", bringing unusual and delicious beers to market. They'll be offering 4 beer pairings at our event.

DETAILS: We'll be throwing this shindig open-house style, from 6-9PM. We'll have 4 stations, each with appropriate pairings. In addition, Pastoral has proposed an epic cheese tray, the likes of which we've never seen. Not enough, you say? How about live jazz? We like that idea, too. Come to 2745 W. Armitage ready to eat, drink, and be merry.


  • Goat Cheese Walnut truffle: semisweet/bittersweet chocolates, fresh chevre, candied walnuts
  • Cranberry Chevre truffle: semisweet chocolate, fresh chevre, Wisconsin cranberries, rosemary grown in our garden
  • Cajeta caramel: slow-cooked goats milk caramel

  • Cabra Caliente: crostini with calabrese salami, arugula, lil mama goathorn pepper, chevre

  • Cashmere Hammer Nitro Stout


  • Brie Fig truffle: semisweet chocolate, aged brie, fig puree, Illinois honey
  • Port Blue Cheese truffle: semisweet/bittersweet chocolate, ruby port, funky blue cheese, thyme from our garden
  • Lemon Thyme caramel: soft honey caramel infused with thyme from our garden along with tart lemon

  • Blue Pig and Fig: baguette with serrano ham, blue cheese or brie, Quince and Apple fig preserves, mustard

  • Rebel Kent Amber


  • Apricot Feta Balsamic truffle: semisweet chocolate, fresh feta, roasted market apricots, aged balsamic
  • Cherry Ricotta truffle: semisweet/bittersweet chocolates, fresh ricotta, market cherries, caraway
  • Passionfruit Tarragon caramel: classic soft caramel infused with home grown tarragon and tangy passionfruit

  • Fresh Coast Pale Ale


  • Parmesan Olive Oil truffle: semisweet/bittersweet chocolates, aged parmesan, extra virgin olive oil, pepper
  • Cheddar Apple truffle: white chocolate, smoked cheddar, tart apples
  • Olive Oil caramel: soft caramel made with olive oil, sea salt, and fresh cracked black pepper

  • Marinated Cheeses: crostini with herb and olive oil marinated sheep and goats milk cheese

  • Waterslides IPA

Number of Attendees: