It has been our pleasure to create the Valentine's Day collection for everyone: Sweet, Sweeter, and Sweetest. Featuring 4 adventurous, tangy & bright sweets along with 4 delicate, traditional bonbons, we've created treats that have just the right amount of tradition along with a touch of whimsy. Below, read more about each sweet in our 8 or 12 piece boxes.

Find our large Valentine's Day box here.

Sweet 8pc at $23.00
Sweeter 8pc at $23.00


  • German Chocolate: milk and semisweet chocolates / our honey caramel / deeply roasted pecans / toasted coconut
  • Passionfruit Quince: semisweet and bittersweet chocolates / passionfruit / Seedling Farms quince reduction
  • French 75: semisweet chocolate / Koval gin / champagne / fresh lemon juice
  • Rosemary Sea Salt Caramel: our best-selling SOFI award winner! Fresh rosemary infused in soft honey caramel / bittersweet chocolate / French sea salt


  • Bananas Foster: milk and semisweet chocolates / brulee'd bananas / brown sugar / dark rum / cardamom
  • Grapefruit Tarragon Caramel: our honey caramel infused with fresh tarragon / grapefruit / bittersweet chocolate / candied citrus peel / fleur de sel
  • Smoked Almond + Chile: milk and semisweet chocolates, smoked almonds, ancho chili
  • Creme Brulee: white chocolate / crispy puffed quinoa / caramelized sugar / vanilla beans


Do you adore the unique and interesting? How about a touch of adventure with a hefty helping of tradition? If so, our Valentine's Day "Sweet" box may be for you. We've elevated our Passionfruit ganache with the addition of quince (thanks for the fruit, Seedling Farms!); created our take on the French 75 cocktail in truffle form (thanks for the gin, Koval!) and brought back our German Chocolate bonbon, created for Steve Harvey back in 2015. It's a sweet box. And so are you.


Do you (or your loved one(s)) enjoy life on the sweeter side? How about your chocolate? We created more traditional, whimsical treats for this box. The Creme Brulee just might be our crown jewel, with a layer of crispy puffed quinoa, caramelized sugar, and white chocolate topped with a vanilla-bean specked caramelized sugar ganache layered on top. The other truffles are guaranteed to please, as well: and did we mention sharing is optional?