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Each Valentine's Day, we create tiny batches of limited-edition treats we're sure folks will love sharing (or heck, enjoying by oneself). We focus on aphrodisiac-infused sweets, made with pretty awesome local, real ingredients. We suggest pairing with a bubbly rosé or a light red wine.

Every seasonal box is packed to the brim with 32 decadent sweets and then wrapped with double-faced satin ribbon. We only make 50 boxes, so we suggest reserving yours. We love the treats we designed, and we think you will too!

For Your Valentine at $75.00

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In our Valentine's Day Collection, you will find this limited-edition selection of artisan sweets:


  • 3x Strawberry Cheesecake truffle: white chocolate cream cheese ganache / market strawberries / dehydrated strawberries
  • 3x Passionfruit truffle: milk chocolate / passionfruit puree / gold cacao nibs
  • 2x Red Wine & Salted Caramel truffle: semisweet chocolate / our caramel / red wine reduction / rose petal
  • 2x Strawberry Lavender truffle (naturally vegan): semisweet chocolate / market strawberries / lavender / organic Wisconsin sunflower oil / lavender petals


  • 3x Bananas Foster truffle ganache: milk and semisweet chocolates / brulee'd bananas / brown sugar / dark rum / cardamom
  • 2x Crème Brûlée truffle ganache: white chocolate / crispy puffed quinoa / caramelized sugar / vanilla beans
  • 2x Passionfruit Quince truffle ganache: semisweet and bittersweet chocolates / passionfruit / Seedling Farms quince reduction
  • 2x Smoked Almond + Chipotle truffle ganache: milk and semisweet chocolates, smoked almonds, ancho chili
  • 2x French 75 truffle ganache: semisweet chocolate / Koval gin / champagne / fresh lemon juice
  • 2x German Chocolate Cake truffle ganache: milk and semisweet chocolates / our honey caramel / deeply roasted pecans / toasted coconut


  • 2x Rosemary fleur de sel caramel (from our classic collection - SOFI award winner!): Fresh rosemary infused in soft honey caramel / bittersweet chocolate / French sea salt
  • 2x Grapefruit Tarragon fleur de sel caramel: our honey caramel infused with fresh tarragon / grapefruit / bittersweet chocolate / candied citrus peel / fleur de sel
  • 3x Pecan + Pepper fleur de sel caramel: classic caramel / white pepper / black pepper / roasted pecans / bittersweet chocolate / fleur de sel