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We infuse Kilgus Farmstead cream with fresh thyme, then use it to create our soft honey caramel. A hint of lemon adds a bright, spring-like contrast to the herbal, earthy thyme. Seasonal.

Raspberry and lavender go together beautifully, and when you add in our soft caramel, the results are deliciously epic. We use market raspberries frozen from the summer, and a touch of floral lavender to accent the red fruit notes. Seasonal.

Our classic caramel made with Michigan strawberries and 18-year aged balsamic from Old Town Oil. We're so excited to bring back one of our favorite seasonal flavors! The tangy balsamic brings out the sweet, fruity strawberry notes. Seasonal.

Bubbly rose is infused into our fluff-tastic marshmallow, whipped into lofty heights, and enhanced with a drop of rose water. A dusting of organic rose petals makes this one of our most lovely creations. Seasonal.

We love lemon poppyseed anything, so had to see if it was as delicious in marshmallow form as we imagined. It is. We make a lemon marshmallow with lemon juice & zest, then fold in crunchy poppyseeds. Amazing toasted for s'mores. Seasonal.

We infuse our marshmallow syrup with SenTeaMental Moods loose-leaf earl grey tea, lavender blossoms, and a strip of orange zest. We love the balanced flavor of this treat! Perfect in coffee or tea (of course) but also excellent in hot chocolate or right out of the bag. Seasonal.

We use Logan Square's own Revolution Brewing's stout to add a hint of malty tastiness to our already tasty marshmallow. Ridiculously good in hot chocolate, especially during St. Patty's Day festivities. Seasonal.

Our fluffy artisan marshmallow made with a (very) generous splash of bubbly champagne. Organic sugar and local wildflower honey - NO corn syrup - makes this the perfect gift for the food-lover in your life, and a sprinkle of organic rose petals adds panache. Seasonal.

We use fresh sweet corn & lime juice, white chocolate, and fragrant cilantro to create a balanced, complex truffle. We love the textural pop of the sweet corn, and the tangy lime. Seasonal.

Basil is one of our favorite accent flavors with chocolate. We decided to bring it to the forefront, and feature basil and bittersweet chocolate together. We infuse herbal basil in rich cream, then blend in bittersweet/semisweet chocolates with a hint of lemon. A garnish of dehydrated basil adds extra flavor. Seasonal.

We infuse Chicago's Ipsento coffee in cream with milk and semisweet chocolate, candied walnuts, cardamom, and cayenne. Then this masterpiece is dipped in milk chocolate with a candied walnut garnish. Katherine's business partner, aka Mr. Truffles, has claimed this as his favorite flavor of all time. We've managed to wrest a few away from his private stash to offer to you. Please enjoy responsibly. Seasonal.