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Our fudgy chocolate caramel is enhanced with deeply roasted hazelnuts and a hint of sea salt. Seasonal.

Our classic honey caramel is infused with cinnamon and roasted cacao nibs. Honestly, we didn't expect it to wow us THIS much - at this point, let's just say you're lucky we have self restraint so you can still buy a box. Intense cacao nibs are the perfect contrast to fragrant cinnamon and soft, sweet caramel. Seasonal.

Bubbly rose is infused into our fluff-tastic marshmallow, whipped into lofty heights, and enhanced with a drop of rose water. A dusting of organic rose petals makes this one of our most lovely creations. Seasonal.

We love our Stivers coffee-infused marshmallow, and decided to take it to the next level with the addition of our coffee chocolate caramel. It's swirled in with loving care, making each bite both fluffy and gooey at once. Have we mentioned how good it is melted in your coffee or hot chocolate? Mmm. Seasonal.

We infuse our marshmallow syrup with SenTeaMental Moods loose-leaf earl grey tea, lavender blossoms, and a strip of orange zest. We love the balanced flavor of this treat! Perfect in coffee or tea (of course) but also excellent in hot chocolate or right out of the bag. Seasonal.

Tea and chocolate is one of our favorite combinations, so when it came time to design breakfast-themed sweets, it made perfect sense to include Lady Grey. We infuse earl grey tea, lavender, and a touch of orange in bittersweet chocolate for a herbal, slightly floral and citrusy truffle. Delightful paired with red wine. Seasonal.

We've always loved our white chocolate passionfruit truffle, and wanted to see if it was as delicious in milk chocolate. Turns out the answer is a resounding YES. Milk chocolate and passionfruit plus a touch of sea salt and butter make this a perfectly sweet/tart classic truffle. Roasted cacao nibs add a lovely crunch. Seasonal.

We start with a white chocolate cream cheese ganache, then blend in market strawberries frozen from the summer markets. We then dip it in bittersweet chocolate with a graham streusel and dehydrated strawberry garnish. Seasonal.