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We infuse Seedling Farms' apple cider into our classic honey caramel, along with a hint of caraway and cinnamon. Tastes like a caramel apple. Seasonal.
We've teamed up with the legendary FEW Spirits in Evanston to showcase their locally distilled bourbon-style whiskey in our caramel. Crunchy candied ginger spices it up, and adds some texture to the soft caramel. Seasonal.
Bubbly rose is infused into our fluff-tastic marshmallow, whipped into lofty heights, and enhanced with a drop of rose water. A dusting of organic rose petals makes this one of our most lovely creations. Seasonal.
Our first foray in to savory marshmallow land! We whip our marshmallow into lofty heights, then blend in brown butter and ground crispy sage leaves. Perfect on top of sweet potato casserole. Seasonal.
This fall, we are in love with all things tea! We infuse Chicago's own SenTeaMental Moods black tea in our marshmallow, along with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger, black pepper, and star anise. Perfect in a chai tea (clearly), as well as hot chocolate, or as a garnish for sweet potato casserole. Available until November 30.
Fall has truly arrived when we start roasting pans of pumpkin to blend with a silky white chocolate ganache along with cinnamon/ginger/clove/nutmeg. This truffle is then dipped in milk chocolate with a crunchy pepita. Seasonal.
Extra-ripe bananas are blended into a white chocolate ganache with a touch of lemon and sea salt, then dipped in white chocolate with a homemade 'nilla wafer. Seasonal.
Bittersweet chocolate with candied pecans, maple syrup, and FEW Spirits rye whiskey, distilled close by in Evanston. A pecan garnish adds extra crunch. Seasonal.