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We've teamed up with the legendary FEW Spirits in Evanston to showcase their locally distilled bourbon-style whiskey in our caramel. Crunchy candied ginger spices it up, and adds some texture to the soft caramel. Seasonal.
Our classic honey caramel with a hefty dose of toasted pumpkin seeds, and all the fall spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger, cardamom. A little vanilla bean for extra fun. This caramel tastes like the best that fall has to offer: enjoy while hearing leaves crunch under your feet, or watching the first snow fall. Seasonal.
Who can forget ambrosia salad, lovingly concocted a number of different ways. We re-created it in marshmallow form, using caramelized pineapple, orange zest, toasted coconut, and dried cherries. Seasonal.
We infuse our pillowy marshmallow with SenTeaMental Moods black tea and whip into clouds of fluffy deliciousness. Best when toasted on top of a bittersweet drinking chocolate. Seasonal.
How can you resist this truffle combining peanut butter and bananas, one of our favorite childhood treats? (Wait, were we supposed to stop after childhood? Hopefully not..) We use milk and semisweet chocolate, Eastwind Co-Op peanut butter, and extra-ripe bananas for this truffle that's every bit as delicious as you think it will be. Seasonal.
We all know that Michigan cherries are some of the best around, and Seedling Farms cherries are amazing even by that gold standard. We use the juice from summer cherries, frozen and doled out sparingly, to make this lovely truffle. The fruity cherries pair perfectly with bittersweet chocolate and the loose-leaf earl grey tea from Chicago's SenTeaMental Moods. Available until April 30.
White chocolate and brown-sugar-roasted pineapple ganache with a touch of sea salt. Simplicity at its best! You'll be surprised at how much you love this truffle. It's not too sweet, and perfectly balanced. Seasonal.