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Beer and caramel have long been one of our "secret" favorite pairings, so for the month of St. Patty's it made so much sense to start with infusing intense, sweet stout beer in our classic caramel. Cacoa nibs add a toasty, dark/bitter crunch. Seasonal.
Ahh, a crisp cold beer & lemonade shandy is the perfect welcome to spring in March (?!) We've made our rendition in caramel form, infusing Half Acre's Gossamer into our soft honey caramel along with fresh squeezed lemon juice & zest. Seasonal.
We love our Ipsento coffee-infused marshmallow, and decided to take it to the next level with the addition of our coffee chocolate caramel. It's swirled in with loving care, making each bite both fluffy and gooey at once. Have we mentioned how good it is melted in your coffee or hot chocolate? Mmm. Seasonal.
We use Logan Square's own Revolution Brewing's stout to add a hint of malty tastiness to our already tasty marshmallow. Ridiculously good in hot chocolate, especially during St. Patty's Day festivities. Seasonal.
Locally-brewed stout is infused into our burnt sugar caramel, then blended with milk and bittersweet chocolates. Delicious paired with beer, or just on its own. Seasonal.
We infuse locally-brewed IPA with fresh ginger, reduce by half, then blend with white chocolate and candied ginger for a hoppy, zesty confection. Seasonal.
Roasted hazelnuts, locally brewed porter, milk chocolate, and malted milk crisp are fantastic together. The malted milk crisp and roasted hazelnuts perfectly complement the caramel & roasted barley notes of the porter. Seasonal.