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Extra-ripe bananas are blended into our classic honey caramel. A hefty dose of toasted sesame seeds adds a nutty crunch, to contrast the soft, smooth caramel. Seasonal.

A summer staple is tall glasses of iced tea and lemonade. When mixed with our classic honey caramel, it's even more delicious. Seasonal.

Bubbly rose is infused into our fluff-tastic marshmallow, whipped into lofty heights, and enhanced with a drop of rose water. A dusting of organic rose petals makes this one of our most lovely creations. Seasonal.

Fresh tart grapefruit balances out the sweetness of the marshmallow, and infused mint leaves add a touch of herbal earthiness. We love this marshmallow toasted on s'mores! Seasonal.

We use fresh sweet corn & lime juice, white chocolate, and fragrant cilantro to create a balanced, complex truffle. We love the textural pop of the sweet corn, and the tangy lime. Seasonal.

Our version of a dark & stormy is made with semisweet chocolate, fresh ginger, dark rum, and a hint of lime. The bite from the fresh ginger works beautifully with the fruity dark rum, and the tart lime adds a hint of brightness. Seasonal.

When you next see a cocktail with elderflower liquor on the ingredients list, don't stop. Go for it. And if you are ever offered ripe raspberries, fresh from the field in Michigan, don't stop there either. Now, what if you could have the two of them together, combined with semisweet chocolate in a decadent truffle? You must be in heaven. Seasonal.